Because the housing prices have dropped throughout much of the United States, people are not looking to buy homes. Instead, they are seeking ways to do home remodeling. The figures of people who are doing home remodeling are up throughout the United States.

Home remodeling is a recession business. Although the trades are hurting because new house starts are down lower than they have been since the 1970s, tradesmen who are well versed in home remodeling can make a living at this aspect of the trades because they can work during a recession.

Some of the most popular things that are being done in home remodeling today are as follows:

Kitchen remodeling

This not only adds value to your home but makes your home much more livable. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen and updating it makes good sense. Kitchen remodeling is the number one thing that people are doing in their homes when it comes to home remodeling.

Bathroom remodeling

This is second only to kitchen remodeling. This can include entire bath remodeling or making a vanity bathroom out of a regular bathroom. Many new homes feature vanity bathrooms that have large Jacuzzi tubs. People who want to have this in their current home can do so if they choose to remodel their bathroom. Instead of purchasing a new home that has a large vanity bathroom, many people are choosing to remodel their bathrooms.

Custom Basements

Remodeling a basement and making it into a useable room is another popular type of remodeling done often in the United States. Those who wanted to move because they wanted more room are simply instead choosing to make their basements into usable rooms.

Room Additions

This can include an attic dormer or even adding a second story onto the house. Room additions become very commonplace during a recession.

Most people who do home remodeling work on a large scale have someone come in to do the work for them. Other smaller scale work that people do themselves, such as putting down a new floor in the bathroom, does not take as much time or money and is usually referred to as a weekend project.

Home remodeling can be the smart thing to do when the prices of the home have hit rock bottom as they have throughout most of the United States. We are not at a good time to sell right now because there are many more homes for sale than buyers. This is why home remodeling has hit such a high in the US right now. Home remodeling is expected to continue to rise in the next few years as housing prices remain low. When the market rekindles and people start moving and buying again, the home remodeling sale will drop. Remodeling is a business that does well in a recession.

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