Though there are many homeowners who choose to remodel their fireplaces using pre-designed kits available at numerous home improvement stores. These kits include a surround and a mantel, which you can fix with creativity. In this article, I’m going to share some ideas with you on how to remodel a fireplace.

To get more ideas, go through home improvement magazines or look online for better ideas. It is a good idea to take professional interior design advice if you are not sure about how to plan your remodeling

Think before remodeling

The same décor can get dull and boring so a remodeling a fireplace can add the much-needed change in the house. Usually changing the focal point in the room can have a dramatic effect on the décor and look. In most cases, the fireplace is the most prominent focal point in the living room and actually gives character to the area. So, if you are looking for a new look, remodeling fireplaces is a good idea. Generally, fireplace remodeling can be expensive if you plan on a large scale project but the end results would justify your needs. However, it is best to plan the fireplace remodeling project before asking for bids for the contract.

Planning for Space

If you have a tiny living room and have dreamed of an ornate fireplace, it is neither functional nor will it add value to your home. It is best to plan according to the available space and original construction while considering the utility aspect of the fireplace. You can consider these points:

  • Do you want to be cozy in front of the hearth?
  • Are you looking for no maintenance soot free fireplace?
  • Is the fireplace just for show and you don’t need it functioning?

If you are looking for a non-working fireplace, get a fake fireplace. If you’re looking for no maintenance soot free options, consider gas logs and if you intend curling up in front of the fireplace, it is time to add a fireplace screen!


If you are looking to remodel fireplaces as a DIY project, you need to have the correct set of tools. You may need a custom grinder or saw with a shop vac to cut the bricks and simultaneously control all the dust. If you’re looking to craft a surround or an elegant wooden mantel you will need a high-grade miter box for cutting moldings and lumber.

Have a Budget

Whether you intend a brick fireplace remodel or stone fireplace remodel, you need to have a budget. Account for all materials and cost of the entire project before starting on it. If you find that it is more than you can handle, it is best to hire a remodeling contractor. It is good to review your fireplace remodeling budget and make a written plan to enjoy a successful remodeling plan.

Steps For How To Remodel A Fireplace

1. To start with, you need to decide between brick, stone or marble. Though brick is more traditional, the elegance of marble has made it more fashionable in recent years. Stone has become a popular material for refurbishing old fireplaces due to its utility features. While you can always lay a marble top over brick without taking away the current brickwork.

2. Next, you need to take all accurate measurements from every angle which would be involved while you remodel a fireplace. According to the measurements, get the correct quality, shade, and size of the stone or marble that you intend buying so that you do not have to later buy shades that do not match if the current materials fall short. You can get most supplies at your local home improvement stores which include tools, tiling options, bricks or marble as per requirement.

3. When you actually start your fireplace remodel, you need to start from the top. Start by replacing old and broken bricks using a power drill or a masons hammer. It is best to remove the mortar that has been leftover and make the walls smooth, for laying new bricks.

4. By laying stone or marble over the old tile and bricks, you make the same fireplace get a new look. While you’re doing a brick fireplace remodel, make sure the tile or stone that you cut to fits the mantel and fireplace dimensions.

5. If you are looking to refurbish your gas fireplace, you can paint the outer casing with heat resistant paint. This will prevent the paint from blistering when you light up your fireplace. Lastly, you can place the surround and your new fireplace will be the focus of the room once again.

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