If you are looking to remodel your kitchen to make it more modern and spacious or just more functional for your family, you can create the look you want with any budget. A kitchen remodels can range from adding a window and new cabinets to adding more space and new flooring with replacing all the gadgets. You can create a traditional theme or just make it a gourmet kitchen to suit your lifestyle.
When you plan on a kitchen remodel, there are a thousand questions popping in your mind and the paramount is the question “How much will a kitchen remodel cost?”

The answer to your question is based on numerous factors but the basic fact remains that remodeling a kitchen can have a high rate of return on your basic investment if you sell your home.

Factors that determine remodeling costs

There are quite a few points that come into play when determining the kitchen remodeling costs. You need to ask yourself whether you want to go in for a small kitchen remodel or change the complete look. To help you get the kitchen of your dreams, here are some of the essential factors that need to be considered and affect the cost of the renovation:

Size and Space

Ask yourself if you need to change the size of the kitchen or work as per the current space? If you do need to extend the kitchen, will you take in more space from another room or use the space outside?

This will help you realize whether your budget allows you to get a new foundation build, add load-bearing walls, decide on the new size of the kitchen and the details about related construction.


Most remodeling jobs require small to extensive plumbing needs. The cost of your kitchen remodel cost will also include the number of plumbing requirements you might have. If you need to move or add a new sink or gas line, the cost would be higher.

Electrical work

Estimate the electrical work that will be needed. Do you plan to completely add new electrical gadgets? Will you add new electrical lines or move the existing one? Do you need new circuits and additional lighting? Consider these facts. It would influence the budget for kitchen remodeling.

Cabinets and Woodwork

You need to decide whether you need to just add a few more kitchen cabinets or go in for a complete makeover. If you want to get new cabinets, do you need the ready to install cabinets or go in for bespoke wood cabinets?

Changes and Modifications

Will you need to create new windows, doors or go with the existing ones? DO you need to replace the gadgets or add new ones? Decide about countertops- do you need the standard or go in for the more expensive materials? Will you need to add tiles or replace the tile work?

Consider all of the above-mentioned points before you allocate a budget for kitchen remodeling. kitchen remodeling can vary from the DIY remodeling of $5000 to over $175,000 and more depending upon your individual preference and budget. If you take a standard kitchen remodeling, it can be anywhere from $15,000- $25,000 which includes the installation and designing.

These are just some of the facts that you need to consider before choosing to estimate your kitchen remodel costs. Other factors that will influence your budget are:

Quality of material and workmanship

In most cases, cabinets are the most expensive aspects of kitchen remodeling. However, the cost of the kitchen remodeling also depends upon the quality and type of material that is used. This holds true for the countertops, cabinets, flooring materials that can vary in prices.

Another key factor that affects the budget is the team of professional talent that you hire. Though it is best to get a few quotes from different contractors, you need to evaluate each of them and then choose the contract team. As you will get what you pay for, it might not be the best idea to choose the cheapest quote that is provided.

It might cost more to hire a skilled sub tradesman, talented designer and professionally skilled installation team, but the difference may be worth it. The designer you hire will prepare the blueprint of the layout and floor plans to be able to precisely present the project rendering to you before the work starts.

But before you sign the contract with the contractor you hire, get detailed estimates, signed contracts with written project specifications. It is best to check that they are licensed and bonded. Be sure to check the references before hiring and you can even talk to a few clients they served before.

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